About Pahang

Are you planning to visit Pahang any time soon? Or have you already arrived but you don’t know where to start as far as visiting attractions is concerned? Well, if you answered yes for either of the two questions, then you have come to the right place. Covering an area of about 36,000 sq. km, the state of Pahang is the largest in Peninsular Malaysia, with a population of close to 14 million people. Pahang boasts of many tourist attractions.

Here is a short list of attractions that many tourists find hard to leave without visiting. Check them out!

Fraser’s Hill

If you are an outdoors freak, then Fraser’s Hill is the place to be where you can enjoy fresh air as well as comfortable temperatures. The hill, for many decades, has retained the sleepy charm of a popular colonial hill station and whatever outdoor activity you have in mind, you can always come here.

Cherating Beach

If you are visiting Pahang with your family, then you should head straight to Cherating Beach upon arrival because apart from the fun, the beach houses a world class Club Med resort, which has the capacity to provide accommodation, food and many activities for the whole family. In case you don’t like Club Med resort, then you can find a resort of your choice at the beach where you will find everything from basic to luxurious facilities.


Your visit to Pahang cannot be complete without paying a visit to Pekan, the royal town of Pahang, which has beautiful palaces, a golf club as well as a polo field and a state museum. When you reach the center of the old town, you will find that it’s quite sleepy and if you fall in love with the town’s surroundings, you can check into the Chief’s House, which offers accommodation with character.

Sungai Lembing

This charming town used to be a tin mining town, you know, more like the Tombstone in days of the wild west, and for that reason, it’s among the most popular places Malaysia’s tin mining heritages. It is the perfect place to enjoy a stunning hill view, waterfalls as well as “hanging bridges”. We would also recommend that you look out for the nearby caves.

Pulau Tioman

If you think you have ever been to a beautiful island outside Malaysia, then I challenge you to pay a visit to Pulau Tioman Island and see for yourself. In fact, it’s arguably the top most rated island in the world. Many locals as well as tourists love the island because it allows them to engage in various activities such as jungle trekking, rock climbing, as well as snorkeling and scuba diving just to mention a few.

Lake Chini

Lake Chini, which is one of the most popular tourism attractions, is the second largest fresh water body in Malaysia and it has 12 inter-connected lakes that cover 12,000 acres of flourishing wetland wilderness. It is the perfect place to come to if you are crazy about fishing or boating. Many people also come here to relax and have a good time as they watch the beauty of the lake and its environs.